Saturday 5th de novembre 2022.
Auditori of Devesa of Girona
At 19 hours
Entry €10. Auditori sales channels.

Josep Pons: Mass of Sant Narcís: Deus tuorum militum (1792)

The very solemn consecration of the chapel of Sant Narcís in the basilica of Sant Feliú in 1792 was the culmination of a long process. Bishop Lorenzana, its promoter, wanted a chapel that was made with all kinds of architectural luxuries. The mass that we presented was one of the important acts in the three days that this consecration lasted. It is a work for two choirs and a chamber orchestra with an operatic style unknown at that time in the city.

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Violin I and II
Oboe I and II
Horn I and II
Organ positive
Soloists: 6 voices.
Tutti: 16 voices.

Pere Lluís Biosca

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Fotos del dia del concert

Monday 4th april 2022.
Ateneu Barcelonès.

Presentation of Música Antiga de Girona (Old Music of Girona) at the Ateneu Barcelonès, on Monday, April 4, with the assistance, among others, of Mr. Xavier Cester, director of the Music area of the Institut Català d'Empreses Culturals, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat, Mrs. Natàlia Garriga.

In the photo, the vice-president of l'Ateneu Barcelonès, Mrs. Lluïsa Julià, receives from the hands of Mr. Pinyol, president of Música Antiga de Girona, the complete collection of CDs published by this association in the presence of the composer and conductor Josep Casañas and the speaker from the music section of the Ateneu itself, Mr. Jordi Mas.

Monday 4th april 2022.
Ateneu Barcelonès.
"de la canuda" street, 6, Barcelona.

At 18:30 hours
The music of the 17th and 18th centuries at the Cathedral of Girona

Submitted by:
Jaume Pinyol
, president of Música Antiga de Girona,
Josep Vila Casañas, professor of choral singing. Director of the MDR-Rundfunkchor de Leipzig.

Access to the conference is free and doesn't require prior registration.

Sunday 12th december 2021.
Mercè's Auditorium. Girona.
At 19 hours (7 in the evening)
The Easter week at the barroque Girona

You must do previous inscription at:
(Music Section)
Free entrance (You can give some money at leaving)

Wenensday 16th june 2021.
Presentation of the new CD

On Monday, June 16, in the Miquel Diumé room of the Girona City Council, the latest CD published by Música Antiga de Girona was presented to the media of the city, the tenth in the collection, a CD dedicated to the work of Francesc Soler, active in Girona from 1682 to 1688. The event was chaired by the deputy mayor and councilor for culture of the Girona City Council, Quim Ayats, who praised both the new CD and the work to recover the heritage of the organization Música Antiga from Girona. After the president of the association, Mr. Jaume Pinyol, he detailed the importance of the recovered work as well as the worth of its author who consolidated the cathedral's music chapel.

Sunday 10th january 2021.
Mercè's Auditorium. At 19 hours (7 in the evening)
Christmas concert

The exceptional circumstances of the current pandemic have made it advisable to postpone the traditional Christmas concert by Música Antiga de Girona until January
The concert will be on Sunday, January 10 at the Auditori de La Mercè, with the current sanitary regulations. It will start at 7:00 p.m. and the access will open half an hour before.
Free entrance. All voluntary contributions will be welcome.

IMPORTANT! *****************************************************************************************************************************************************
The compulsory prior registration must be done on the website entràpolis! (La ciudad de las entradas) from the afternoon of Monday, December 28.
In the web search engine of "entrapolis!" put "música antiga girona" as shown in the following image:
Watch carefully because at the time of registration it is necessary to give a telephone number and an email address.
The number of tickets is limited.

Concert details:
Works by the Girona chapelmaster Francesc Soler, active in Girona between 1682-1688.
He works with 4 solo voices with continuous bass accompaniment.

Musical direction:
Tiple (soprano) I:
Tiple (soprano) II:
Alto (countertenor):
Baroque cello:
Baroque lute:
Positive body and direction:

Josep Vila Casañas
Laia Frigolé
Lorena Garcia
Hugo Bolívar
David Hernández
Daniel Regincós 
Albert Bosch
Josep Vila Casañas

For satitary reasons that must be respected there will be neither a previous explanatory conference nor a printed hand program at the entrance of the Auditorium.
You can download the program from the following link by clicking [right button] and then [Save link as..]:

Concert program

Any last minute modification that may occur until the day of the concert can be consulted on this same page of the association.

Sunday 29th Desember 2019.
Auditori de la Mercè.
A les 19 hores (7 de la tarda)
Christmas Carols of the XVII and XVIII centuries
An hour before the concert, at the same place, there will be the presentation of the concert.
Free entrance

Sunday 2nd Desember 2018.
Auditori de la Mercè.
At 19 hours (7 in the evening).
Music of the 40 hours in Girona's Cathedral between the XVII andXVIII centuries
Free entrance

Sunday 17th December 2017. 7 p.m.
Christmas Concert. Auditori de La Mercè
Presentation of the concert at the same auditorium at 18:15h.
1 - Joan Barter (Lleida, Christmas 1671): Afuera afuera mozos (Outside, outside boys)
2 - Annonymus (around 1690): Hoy los flamencos Señor (Today the Flemish, Lord)
3 - Josep Pons (Girona, Christmas 1792): Como vieron los zagales. (As the shepherd boys saw)
4 - Rafael Compta (Girona, Christmas 1795): Un pastor y un estudiante. (A shepherd and a student) Final part.
     Ccompositions for two choirs, two violins, two oboes and two thoroughbasses.


Wednesday 9th November 2016. 19:30 Hours.
Seminary Conciliar (Sala Sant Jordi). 231, Diputació street. Barcelona

Presentation of the last CD of 'Música Antiga de Girona' dedicated to the Requiem Mass written in 1774 by the chapel master Francesc Juncà (Sabadell 1741-Girona 1833) on the occasion of the death of Bishop M.A. de Palmero.


Saturday 8th October 2016
Auditorium of Girona. 9 p. m. (21 hours)
Jaume Balius (Barcelona 1750- Córdoba 1822)
Direction: Josep Vila Casañas

Before the concert there will be the presentation of the Oratori and the Goigs by en Jaume Pinyol. It will begin at 20:30h and it will last 20 minuts.

Price 10 €

Tuesday 4, 11 and 18th October 2016
Girona Cultural Centre (Casa de cultura). Viader Auditorium

Concerts - lectures
Art, cookery and music in the convents of 18th century Girona
20 hours (8 PM)
Free entrance

Tuesday 4: Music in the convents of Girona Jaume Pinyol (Jaume Pinyol)
Musical scores from the times of Gaz: (1690-1711). Hispànic or castillian style.

Tuesday 11: Cookery and confectionary in the convents of Girona, XVII-XVIII centuries. (Pep Vila)
Musical scores from the times of Gònima (1735-1774): neapolitan style.

Tuesday 18: Art in the convents of Girona during the XVIII century. (Francesc Miralpeix)
Musical scores from the last years of the 18th century, viennese style.

  At the celebration of the V conference dedicated to the history of Girona, held in October 2015 within the context of the millennium of St. Daniel of Girona's abbey, one of the lectures was centred on the music used in the convents then and which has survived until the present day.
  This short cycle of lectures-concerts is an amplification open to the general public and which aims to stimulate interest in this very important part of the history of our city as are the convents that have existed here. The music that has been preseved allows a new and pleasant approach to a complex reality that has hardly been researched.

Monday 16th May 2016
Auditorium Josep Irla. Girona

Opening concert of the 350th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone for Santa Caterina Hospital in Girona.

Free entrance

Sunday 3rd January 2016
Auditorium of La Mercè. Girona

in the evening (18 hours)

Conferència de presentació
Free entrance

7 in the evening (19 hours)
Concert: Nadales de la Catedral de Girona del Segle XVIII
Free entrance

Saturday 10th october 2015
Auditorium Municipal of La Devesa. Girona

8 in the evening (20 hours)
Conference presentation
of the concert to be held at 9 pm.
Stylistic development of the chapel master of the Girona cathedral of the eighteenth century.
Free entrance

9 in the evening (21 hours)
Requiem by Juncà.
Bishop Palmero died in March 1774, three months after Francis Juncà acceded by means of a competitive exam to the title of Kapellmeister in January of the same year. When
the new master entered, Gònima retired. However, both collaborated in the funeral music for the dead bishop. Juncà composed and signed the main part, the Requiem, and Gònima wrote, but did not sign, the antiphon of the acquitted "Libera me", a Gregorian antiphon which is still sung at the end of the Requiem Mass, beginning when the procession take the body of the deceased to the grave. He did not sign the score because he was already retired so he could not appear as the author. As the bishop was buried in the cathedral, the procession would be short but the "Libera me" had to last long enough to allow them to get the coffin to its tomb in the cathedral. In the Requiem there are parts that are deliberately omitted from the score: the canons also had to sing part of the Requiem Mass in Gregorian but, not figuratively as was the case with chapel music song. Thus, all the strata of the cathedral clergy participated in the funeral mass.



Holy Thursday 2n April 2015
9 p. m. (21 hours)
Auditorium of "la Mercè". Girona
Concert with liturgical works of centuries XVII i XVIII
from the Cathedral's archive hall.

Tuesday 31st March 2015
of the new CD

Sunday 5th October 2014
7 p.m.
Auditorium of Girona
Manuel Gònima (Lleida 1710-Girona 1792)
Oratory "Dolor y Amor (Pain and Love)". Sacrum drama

Sunday 10th August 2014
8 p.m.
Sant Feliu's Church
Discover the treasures of the cathedral of Girona.
Check-in from 10 €
After the concert free popular snack.

Sunday 16th March 2014
6 p.m.
Mercat del Born
Memorial concert of the III centenary of the death of Josep Gaz,
chapel master of the Girona Cathedral between 1690 - 1711
Free entrance

Fridays 7th, 14th and 21st february 2014
'30 p.m.
Lectures-concert at Casa de Cultura "
Aula Viader"

Cycle of lectures, musically illustrated, on Josep Gaz,
chapell master of the Girona Cathedral between 1690 - 1711
Free entrance

19th january 2014

Sunday 29th december 2013
6 p.m.
Concert in the Cathedral
Opening concert of third centenary of the death of Josep Gaz, Chapel master of the Girona Cathedral between 1690 and 1711.
Free entrance

Sunday 27th october 2013
6 p.m.
Concert in the New Cathedral
Manuel Gònima (Lleida 1710 – Girona 1792).
Chapel Master in Girona 1735-1774
Over baroque to classicism
Free entrance

Wednesday 25th september 2013
Presentation of new CD
Manuel Gònima (Lleida 1710 – Girona 1792).
Over baroque to classicism

Saturday 29th desember 2012
7 p.m.
Concert in the Cathedral
Presentation of unpublised works by the chapel master Manuel Gònima – Lleida 1710 – Girona 1792.
Manuel Gónima was active as chapel master between 1735 and1774.

Friday 20th July 2012
Concert in the parish church of
Sant Esteve d'en Bas

Saturday 2nd June 2012
Concert in the crypt ot The Sagrada Família

Wednesday 4th April 2012
Presentation of new CD

Sunday 27th November 2011
Concert of works by Josep Gaz
Chapel master of Girona Cathedral (1690-1713)
Girona Cathedral

Setember 2011
Concert in Martorell

Setember 2009
Concert in Lloret
Parish Church

March 2009
Concert in the Narcís de Carreras Auditorium.

Concert in Bell·lloc School
Cycle: Girona a l’abast (Girona within your reach).
Works by Josep Gaz

August 2008
Concert in Campllong
"Making Music"

November 2007
Concert in the Sant Pere church

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